Tuesday, 8 March 2011

This Week's First

Tried using a square brush to paint this whole thing. Lots of fun and bumped into some new challenges along the way. It was going to be experimental and more loose, but thanks to some awesome people who gave me good advice ;), I managed to bump up the contrast and finish it up.
More on the way!


  1. Sick concept bro! Love your blog! How's life btw? :)

    Keep in touch man! :D


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  2. Glad you like the blog, dude =).. Life's awesome! Almost done fourth yr! Stressing like mad but keeping my cool somehow! Decided to do a graphic novel for my thesis... how crazy am I? Anyway.... it's coming along.. looks like it's gonna be done by the time Grad Show comes along =D.
    How are things with you?